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Acquire the skills you need to recruit, manage and supervise in today's changing workplace. Attain credits and certificates towards professional accreditation and recognition that will help you grow and thrive in your career. Discover the latest legal tools and best practices that will equip you to manage effectively. Maximize your training dollars and learn at your own pace through our cost-effective Mixed Media USB, Text Based USB and online options.

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Association of Professional Trainers of Canada
Attain the status and recognition you deserve as a member of Canada's fastest growing association for professional trainers. Once you have completed all 3 modules of the CPTA Accreditation Program, you can join the association as a Full Member, add the RPT (Registered Professional Trainer) designation to your name and enjoy the benefits of membership. If you have not completed the program, join as an Associate Member and take advantage of benefits starting now.

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The Association
The Canadian Professional Trainers Association was founded to establish standards and practices for training in Canada and to provide members with the tools to practice at the highest professional levels.

Association Objectives:
To develop and maintain the standards for training and development through accreditation programs.

To enhance the status of trainers through practices and ethics.

To pool the resources of members by circulating news, statistics and knowledge of the training function.

The Benefits
Membership Benefits
Complimentary online subscription to IPM Associations Members Quarterly Newsletters featuring a wealth of fresh information from Canada's leading experts on a wide range of workplace issues.

Complimentary online subscription to Workplace Today® Online, Canada's premiere workplace journal. With a retail value of $119.00, you get well-researched legal information, detailed case studies on timely issues and concise reporting on today's labour trends from the best in the business.

Complimentary access to the Workplace Library, a comprehensive collection of online articles and features for today's managers and supervisors.

Quick access to timely information with an excellent search engine all in one place at

Members' special discounts on IPM programs and services.

How to join
Member fees are only $175.00 per year plus GST/HST. Click below to join and receive all the benefits membership offers!