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Acquire the skills you need to recruit, manage and supervise in today's changing workplace. Attain credits and certificates towards professional accreditation and recognition that will help you grow and thrive in your career. Discover the latest legal tools and best practices that will equip you to manage effectively. Maximize your training dollars and learn at your own pace through our cost-effective Mixed Media USB, Text Based USB and online options.

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Canadian Management Professional Accreditation Program

This accreditation program consists of 3 sessions that cover a set of key management skills. The objective is to help you manage the workload, communicate more effectively and use resources wisely. Successful completion of all 12 Modules of this program makes you eligible for membership in the Canadian Management Professionals Association, CMPA, with the CMP (Canadian Management Professional) designation. The Institute is a certified educational body registered with ESDC, Employment and Social Development Canada, and offers nationally recognized accreditation programs.

Methods of study available: ALL methods are self-study. Average time for completion of the self-study (distance learning) options: 30-36 hours total, including writing the open book exam.

Online version: This version contains the core material to complete the program. Participants have only 90 days from date of purchase to the program material online and the same 90 day time limit to complete the program, including writing the final self-study exam. This version cannot be printed. The online version is for personal use only and cannot be shared. All program material and the exam are included online. Cost: $685.00 plus HST/GST

Text-Based USB Flash Drive Version: This version contains the core material to complete the program on USB which is yours to keep, so you will continue to have access to program material. Participants have one year from date of purchase to complete the program, including writing the final self-study exam. The Text-Based version is for personal use only and cannot be shared. Technical requirements: Compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX and requires a USB port. Cost: $735.00 plus HST/GST

Mixed Media USB Flash Drive Version: This version allows sharing with up to nine(9) other participants from the same organization. The package includes Mixed Media USB, workbook and exam. Participants have one year from date of purchase to complete the program, including writing the self-study exam. Technical requirements: Compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX and requires a USB port. Cost: $945.00 plus HST/GST

The additional participants (maximum of 9) of the Mixed Media version must purchase their own workbook and exam at the cost of $89.00 plus HST/GST and would share the Mixed Media USB. The additional participants can order workbooks and exams as required and have one year from their date of purchase to complete the program.

* For Mixed Media and Text Based versions and workbook orders, a flat fee for shipping and handling of $23 plus GST/HST will be added to the program cost.

For program completion information, see Frequently Asked Questions

Session 1
Develop Job Descriptions
Harmonize individual and corporate objectives
  • Learn how to write a position profile to capture all details of the job
  • Identify all the components that make up a position profile
  • Find out how to describe the key tasks, responsibilities and competencies
Improve Hiring Accuracy
  • Create a resume-screening system to get to your shortlist quickly
  • Discover how to use the position profile to develop powerful interview questions
  • Learn the 6-step process to conduct the interview and maintain consistency
Set Measurable Objectives
  • Use the job description to turn key responsibilities into quantifiable results
  • Measure the end results by applying the 4 performance standards
  • Set measurable objectives for your department and learn to delegate

Conduct Job Appraisals

  • Identify the 5 roles of a team leader that contribute to the process
  • Learn to use a detailed performance tool that will result in fair evaluations
  • Review the 7-step appraisal process to guide discussion and turn the process into a positive exercise
  Session 2
Increase Productivity
Control the Workload
  • Learn to use timelines and milestones to track and control projects
  • Understand how to involve every team member through input and delegation
  • Acquire the team leader skills to control projects and stay on track

Build a Winning Team

  • Discover tips to building a team and the prerequisites to building success
  • Learn how to set rules for team behaviour, problem solving and decision making
  • Find out how to deal with ineffective team members and revitalize existing teams

Law for Managers

  • Conduct reference checks without fear of libel and slander
  • Examine contract laws and the legal relationship between the employer and employee
  • Learn how to deal with dismissals and other legal issues

Finance for Managers

  • Learn accounting methods that will help you understand budget setting
  • Discover how to calculate your department's budget and set controls
  • Set up monitoring systems to compare actuals to forecasts and eliminate surprises
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Session 3
Deliver the Message
Build Interpersonal Skills
  • Use the 3-step crediting process to reinforce positive behaviour
  • Listen Actively to identify the real issues using clarification and confirmation
  • Correct negative behaviour through the 7-step constructive criticism process

Write Power Messages

  • Learn how to identify a potential reader's needs to tailor your message
  • Develop the best format and establish the language level required for the greatest impact
  • Review the do's and don'ts of revising and proofing to build credibility

Lead Effective Meetings

  • Decide if a meeting is really required and how to set an agenda
  • Understand meeting protocol and how to avoid pointless discussions
  • Create action plans that involve the participants

Give Power Presentations

  • Discover the methods to keep your audience attentive and alert
  • Learn how to set the agenda and decide which materials support your points
  • Find out how to involve your audience through the effective use of room setup and audiovisual aids