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Acquire the skills you need to recruit, manage, and supervise in today's changing workplace. Attain credits and certificates towards professional accreditation and recognition that will help you grow and thrive in your career. Discover the latest legal tools and best practices that will equip you to manage effectively. Maximize your training dollars and learn at your own pace through our cost-effective Mixed Media USB, Text Based USB and online options.

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Client Feedback

The Institute is a certified educational body registered with ESDC, Employment and Social Development Canada, and offers nationally recognized accreditation programs.

"The new Professional Recruiter Accreditation Program has been amazing so far! That's what prompted my outreach and interest in volunteering with the Association." Mushay O, Calgary

"I did the Professional Recruiter program in the past with another one of my teams so had no hesitation to recommend the program for my current team." R. Chow, Toronto

"The Professional Recruiter program was much more in-depth than I was anticipating (which is great!) and even though I've been in this industry for several years, I learned lots!" Susan K, Victoria, BC

"The Recruiter program was great and will definitely be put into practice with interviewing and developing job descriptions. I very much appreciate how much work was put into it." Julie N, Kelowna, BC

"The Recruiter program was a great learning experience for me and one to be executed during practices." Sahul S, London, ON

"It was a great experience doing the new Professional Recruiter program and I loved everything about it!" Sarah B, Grande Prairie

"The Professional Manager and the Professional Recruiter accreditation programs were full of knowledge and great learning materials for any manager and recruiter. They provide a lot of information and strategies on how to deal with specific situations encountered in any managerial position. I realized that it is amazing to be able to refer back to the program material and linking recruitment to evolving situations like pandemic was very beneficial." Ferhan A, Edmonton

"Having the RPT and RPR designations has been quite beneficial for my career! I enjoyed both the Trainer and the Recruiter programs." Alana S, Vancouver"

"I did enjoy the new Professional Recruiter program- it was an eye opener. I hope to take other programs in the future." John H, Prince George

"The new Professional Recruiter program was indeed a great program, the depth of knowledge I have now is phenomenal." Olawunmi O, Moncton

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Recruiter program study material and also learned plenty of new things." Sefa P, Toronto

"I really did enjoy the new Professional Recruiter program! There is so much valuable information in it." Soleil R, Edmonton

"I loved the new version of the Professional Recruiter program and had been using articles from for a while now to educate my direct reports." Rachel G, Toronto

"I really enjoyed the Professional Recruiter program. It was certainly a reminder to do certain steps again as we tend to forget in our day to day work." Amanda D, Edmonton

"I really enjoyed the program as it made me change some of the processes that I had in place. It also gave me a completely different perspective on the entire process as opposed to simply the interview portion." Matt G, Edmonton

"I certainly enjoyed the Recruiter program. I recently started training a new recruiter on my team and have signed her up too. It's great to have a program like this to lean on!" Tina S., Edmonton

"I took away some good info from your Professional Recruiter program. I am entering the recruiting world so every bit of info is valuable!" Kait P., Toronto

"I really did enjoy the Professional Manager program. I will definitely use the info as takeaways for my team. Two of my team members have moved onto management positions and I'm sure the program allowed them some of the knowledge to be able to do that." Cory N., Toronto

"I'm proud to advise you that I received a promotion shortly after completing the Professional Recruiter program and I'm now the Talent Acquisition Manager for our company." Cathie B., Toronto

"The Professional Recruiter program was very insightful and I thoroughly enjoyed it." Zhanna O, Toronto

"I enjoyed the Professional Trainer Accreditation Program very much and learned a lot." Joshua J., Toronto

"I really enjoyed the Professional Manager Accreditation Program- lots of useful information." Marsha H., Calgary

"As for the Professional Recruiter program content, I certainly did enjoy it. I felt that I learned a fair bit and got a good reminder of a number of things I'd learned previously." Brent W., Halifax

"I enjoyed the Professional Recruiter program especially Module 3. I've also incorporated some of the techniques from the program in recent interviews that I have conducted." Abhinav S., Toronto

"The Professional Recruiter program was very informative and eye-opening. I am so glad I took it." Patrizia O., Toronto

"I very much enjoyed the Professional Trainer program and found it very relatable to my role." Elvedina C., Cottam

"It has been a while since I have completed or participated in formal training. The Professional Trainer program was the perfect course to get back into the swing of studies, I have enjoyed it very much." Jennifer B., Ottawa

"I learned a lot from the Professional Recruiter Accreditation program and took away some great idea to implement with my team." Robyn B., Halifax

"Thank you so much for letting me know that I passed the APRC entry exam. I'm excited to utilize the RPR designation after my name. I appreciate the timely turnaround during all of the responses to date. Customer service so far has been wonderful. I'm looking forward to being a full RPR member of the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada." Lila W., Toronto

"The Professional Recruiter program is really well done, after 20 years in HR it's rare I learn or take away big nuggets from a course. However, with your program, there was a tremendous amount of takeaways that I will be implementing soon. Really well written program!" Rasha H, Toronto

"The Professional Recruiter Program was amazing and I learned a lot. The content was incredibly insightful and extremely valuable. Thank you again for everything and it definitely was worth every penny for the program." Michael F, Toronto

"I personally have completed two IPM accreditation programs. Appreciated the options available to learn remotely. Was pleased with the quick receipt of course material and the availability of staff to any questions/concerns I had. Found course material well organized, very informative and written in a knowledgeable and easy to read format. I would definitely recommend IPM to any person of any profession that wants to get gain more knowledge, training, insight/perspective to those who want to advance in their chosen professional career." Patti-Ruth K, Edmonton

"I certainly learned a lot from the Professional Recruiter Program, particularly the employment law module. It is quite complex and as a recruiter, I have to keep learning and updating my knowledge. Thank you again for your support." Claudia V, Toronto

"I just recently completed the Professional Recruiter program and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. Although I knew obtaining this certification was going to beneficial, I did not know to what degree. That said, I can honestly say that I don't believe there was any lesson or piece of information for that matter that was not valuable to me. My recruiting skills prior to completing these modules were already strong, but I am excited for what the future holds for me now. I want to thank you and your team for the work you have put into these modules and I look forward to obtaining my formal certification." Aaron M, Waterloo

"The Professional Manager program is excellent. It flows well and digs into some great information surrounding performance, standards, meetings , law and much more. It is a great refresher of information I have gathered over the years and some great new points to put into play with my team here." Dennis S, Timmins

"I definitely enjoyed the Professional Trainer program. I do appreciate IPM's programs as they allow flexibility to study and to complete the final exam. It is a solution for experienced individuals wanting to be certified and yet can't do it because of so many other commitments and distractions." Marj B, Surrey

"I enjoyed the material that came with the Professional Recruiter Accreditation Program Mixed Media version and believe that members of my team will be participating in the near future as well." Mary J., Halifax

"I did enjoy the Recruiter program content and appreciate that you reviewed my exam within only a few days of receipt. Appreciate the quick turnaround time." Linda F, Ottawa

"I found the Recruiter Program had a lot of good information and suggestions and things I wish I had known a long time ago." Leo P, Vancouver

"I have been a people manager for 15 years and have been recruiting for a high profile company for 2 years so I thought it's about time I get a recruiter designation at the end of my name. I've been doing the work anyway. I did a lot of research and found IPM had what I was looking for with the Professional Recruiter accreditation program. My greatest surprise is that I really learned some new techniques and knowledge that make my life at work easier. The course is very good and user friendly with real life examples. Also, the customer service at IPM is what takes them above and beyond my expectations. I have already recommended the program to my colleagues!" Michelle A, Toronto

"I just want to take a moment to let you know that this Professional Recruiter program was incredibly helpful for me. I apply the recruitment and selection methodology I learned in the RPR program to my role as a recruiter every single day. The course content was fantastic, and I am a stronger recruiter for having taken this program. I enjoyed it so much that I will be taking the CMP program as well. "Brodie R, Vancouver

"I enjoyed the Canadian Management Professional Accreditation Program so much! I've learned a great deal from this program and will not hesitate to enroll in another program with this institute! I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to develop themselves. I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to experience this program as it has given me the knowledge and techniques that will help fast track my career." Crystal P, Charlottetown

"I did enjoy the Professional Manager program- lots of great information. This training should put me in good steed as I continue to look for employment." Dennis K, Toronto

"With several years of recruitment experience both with agencies and at the corporate level, I feel that the RPR designation is a great next step in my career. I thoroughly enjoyed the Professional Recruiter program." Cory N, Calgary

"I just want to say that I'm so happy with your Professional Recruiter program. It applies directly to my current position and I feel I've learned such valuable information to make me a more successful Recruitment Specialist. This is a 5 star program! Thank you so much." Sheryse L, Calgary

"The Professional Recruiter program was a fantastic one! I have passed the disk set along to my VP, HR to begin as the group will be taking the program. I would definitely recommend this to others. Thank you for the information and I will explore all of the areas of additional learning/resources you offer." Teri E, Toronto

"I was most satisfied with your Professional Manager program and will be recommending it to others for sure. Thanks for your support and quick responses to my questions, that was great customer service and followup. "Darrin B, Toronto

"As an agency Recruiting Firm, we decided in 2012 that all of our employees go through the Professional Recruiter accreditation program to ensure their understanding of our business and the marketplace. We recently received a valuable endorsement from a Corporate Director of HR in Calgary, stating the value inherent in our company's vision of training & development and focus on continuous improvement through programs like the Recruiter program. It has led to a new client relationship built on a solid foundation of understanding." Dmetri B., Calgary, AB

"Our team is truly pleased with the great training and resources you offer. We're looking forward to the May conference in Edmonton!" Allan M., Edmonton

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this program and have learned a great deal of valuable information which I plan on using in my daily assignments. I am also excited to obtain my Registered Professional Recruiter designation as I would like to move into a more senior role within my organization." Jodi-Lynn F., Calgary

"I learned a ton from the Professional Manager accreditation program and like the flexibility your program modules provide." Charlene S, Sioux Lookout, ON

"I thoroughly enjoyed your Professional Recruiter accreditation program, learned a lot and have since recommended it to other recruiting departments within our college as being very beneficial and a worthwhile course for them to all consider." Gail S, Fort McMurray, AB

"I found the Professional Recruiter program to be informative, useful and relevant- a good refresher too!" Edna H, Calgary, AB

"I am a long time member of IPM Associations, specifically the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada, the most valuable association to which I have ever belonged. I appreciate your quarterly publication- it is always superb. Every article is so relevant to today's workplace. I often refer to information taken from your magazine when teaching leadership and providing career counselling. " Donna H, Vancouver, BC.

IPM's Associations provide great networking opportunities for HR and management industry professionals on a variety of employer-conscious related topics. One of the biggest differentiators at IPM conferences is that participants have the opportunity to mix and mingle with a variety of people in an ideal ballroom round table setting for the entire day's event. We get that personal connection more readily and build relationships that will be sustainable for years. I personally have developed an excellent network of HR managers within my industry sector by regularly attending these events." Lindsay G., Toronto

"I really enjoyed the Personal Excellence program and found it to be very useful in my day to day work environment." Tami H, Balmertown, ON

"It has been a pleasure being part of IPM's Associations and the tremendous foundation on best practice that it has provided me over the years." Cathy C, Halifax

"Having taken IPM's Professional Manager program, I am really excited about our area supervisors being accreditted through the program on Multi Media CD-ROM. The program contains excellent information." Brenda W, Toronto

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Trainer program and having purchased a multi-user version, am currently offering it to all our company trainers." Katherine W., Ottawa

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Professional Manager accreditation program. I worked on it all week to complete it. There is so much good material there!" Steve C., Toronto

"I work as HR Staffing Coordinator for our Customer Contact Centre. I have found the Recruiter program information very valuable and I practice and use the techniques each and every day. It has brought me more knowledge. I now feel more confident and empowered in my role. This program will open up new doors for me as I move forward in my recruiting career. Thank you!" Donna D., Edmonton

"I have told everyone about your programs. I did a BA with a speciality in organizational development. I did a MA in Leadership and Training. I have a long list of conferences in Human Resources, Labour relations, municipal finance, etc. That said this course is awesome. It consolidates the highlights of what I have learned in those program into a practical, THIS IS WHAT YOU OUGHT TO DO course that you can do at your convenience. I know from my university education that MUCH of what is in your program is based on some of the most contemporary management evidence. For any organization where you can.t take people away from the workplace but you desperately need continuity of learning and changed behaviour, this program is stellar! " B. Browett, Hamilton

"I do want to commend you for the work which IPM does. The course was well laid out and supplied me with skills and understanding regarding the workplace which I had not previously understood. Your publications and website are excellent." J. Orr, Grande Prairie

"I attended my first IPM workshop today and felt it was a worthwhile use of my time. I have for some time been debating about joining one of the associations and undertaking an accreditation program. I did both when I returned to my office and will likely be signing up for two additional accreditation programs. The special rate offered makes it difficult to resist. I am particularly impressed by the ability to have a total of 10 participants for each program and will be encouraging my staff to undertake the programs as well. Thank you for your efforts to provide workshops and programs in the Calgary market place. With our fast pace, it is programs like yours that are short and/or self-study that fill a need traditional courses cannot." W.Crawford, Calgary

"My new position is a blended training and project management role. I must advise you that being a Registered Professional Trainer was a great asset when I submitted my application and also served well during the selection phase. I would like to thank your organization for the work it is doing to help ensure that talented individuals are recognized in their chosen fields." Brian S., Toronto

"I thought the program was excellent and will definitely be putting my managers through your training." Peter W., Toronto

"I wish to state how impressed I am with the accreditation program. I cannot wait to impart this knowledge onto others as soon as possible. As Director of Client Services for a contact centre, training is always a critical element in the overall success of the agents and the team as a whole. The program has helped tie together many loose ends and has given me laser focus on how I want to manage the department's training strategy." Richard D., Toronto

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