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HR Trends 2020

A truly successful HR Human Resources strategy is all about staying one step ahead of the game. By anticipating emerging trends and preparing yourself to adapt quickly to a changing professional landscape, you can ensure that your organization stays on the cutting edge of innovation and continues to attract the best talent. HR is becoming an increasingly specialized field and those who donít manage to adapt will be left behind. Looking towards how you can improve your approach in the coming year, here are some of the top trends you can expect to see take hold in 2020.

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Signs of Time for a Change
How do you know when itís time for a job change? Thatís a complicated question. Answering it may be even more complicated and confusing.

Transforming Your Startup Into Workforce Leadership
Business requires fluidity, allowing leaders to accept change and take risks. Simply put, if you're not willing to bring about improvement, then you're not ready to make a full stop.

Employers Will Exceed Budgets to Attract Top Talent in 2020
A new poll shows most of the country's employers are ready to exceed payroll budgets to attract new hires and more than a third plan to boost salaries for existing staff in the year ahead.



Minister Qualtrough Concludes Successful G7 High Level (Labour and Employment) meeting in France

Government Releases Report of the Expert Panel on Modern Federal Labour Standards

Canadian Organizations In The Spotlight For Leading Workplace Wellness Programs

Canadian Economy To Avoid Recession In 2020: Conference Board Of Canada

KPMG and Faethm Predict Impact of Emerging Technologies on Workforce

Reminding People of Historical Injustice Can Undermine Support for Equity Policies, Say Laurier Researchers



NU: Payroll Tax Registration for Employers

YK: Fed. Govít. Supports a Territory-wide Initiative to Address Workplace Sexual Harassment

BC: Skills Training, Job Supports for Those Who Need Them Most

BC: Reducing Injuries for Health-care Workers Focus of New Safety Organization

AB: Streamlined Rules for Workplace Committees

SK: Government Supporting Education And Employment Opportunities For Vulnerable Youth

MB: Province Provides Update On Consultations For New Income Support Program

ON: Making it Easier for Businesses to Find Skilled Workers

ON: Province Creating New Training Partnerships, Jobs

NB: New Regulations Address Violence Prevention in the Workplace

NS: Energy Training Program Helping Young Nova Scotians Start Careers

This Month
Giving Credit Where Credit is Due
Credit is a great motivator. When we remember to utilize it. And, as a manager or supervisor, itís your job to remember it.

Trending to the Top: HR Trends 2020
Shifting currents in the workplace mean that it is crucial to be constantly re-evaluating your HR strategy and approach.
Signs of Time for a Change
Is it time to move on? Maybe the signs are already there. Here are some of the most common ones.

Executive Awarded $20,000 Bonus as Part of Severance
The executive had a reasonable expectation of being awarded a bonus in a Ďfair and transparent mannerí, a court ruled.
Signed Release Was Not a Bar to Pursuing an Unjust Dismissal Case
Parties may not contract out of the Canada Labour Code, the Federal Court ruled.
Hard Hat Policy Does Not Discriminate Against Religious Headgear
A marine terminalís requirement to wear hard hats was based on safety and was not discriminatory, a court ruled.

Savvy Tips To Transform Your Startup Into Effective Workforce Leadership
Business requires fluidity, allowing leaders to accept change and take risks.
More Canadian Workers Paying
Canadians are working an average of four extra days to make up for time off.

Shop Talk
Poll: Employers Will Exceed Budgets to Attract Top Talent; Overall Hiring Activity to Slow in 2020
Conservative pay increases for existing staff may not be enough to offset growing job dissatisfaction
Workplace Etiquette 2020
Survey shows Canadian employers feel foul language, pets biggest office offenses; non-traditional piercings are a-okay

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