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Summer 2013 Edition - Volume 42

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As publishers of both the Workplace Today® Journal and the Members Quarterly, we get hundreds of spotlight and even help your career along the way. As a past example, a few years ago we had a friendly discussion with Lori Danco, RPR, who told us about the exciting role she had at the University of Calgary-Qatar. more...

Recertification: Raising the Bar to Help You
Our members are rightfully proud of their professional IPM designations. You should be. You’ve worked hard to earn them and you deserve to place those valuable letters after your name and on your resumes. Similar to other professional designating bodies, IPM is now looking at a recertification process for our association members. We need your input and hope to make this process as simple and take as little time as possible. more...

Sleepless Nights
Q: We all suffer from insomnia or lack of quality sleep at one time or another, even with healthy lifestyles. Can you share your tips on getting a better night’s sleep? more...

Wardrobe Communication – Your Competitive Edge
Q: As we have numerous clients and vendors visiting our offices on a daily basis, I’ve been asked to send out a communiqué on appropriate business attire. What are your suggestions here? more...

The Duty to Mitigate: What’s It All About?
When an employer dismisses an employee without just cause, the employer is required to provide the employee with reasonable working notice of the dismissal or pay in lieu of working notice. The amount of notice depends on a number of factors including the employee’s age, position, years of service, income and prospects of finding new employment. more...

Mergers and Acquisitions: The Due Diligence Process
Human Resources play a key role in mergers and acquisitions. That role begins long before the actual completion of the deal to merge with or acquire new companies or assets. According to Philip Gennis, commercial insolvency and restructuring specialist with msi Spergel inc, people issues are one of the most important factors that need to be considered and evaluated before any M&A agreement is signed by the parties. more...

Recruiting in the Mining Industry: New Challenges for Employers
Mention the word mining and you’re bound to solicit a viewpoint that may or may not be in support of an industry that is entrenched in Canadian history. It is however one which continues to provide economic stimulus to virtually every region of the country. more...

All Aboard Now – Get Everyone on the Same Track
Personal values matter. They empower us by giving us a means to evaluate options and make decisions about which actions we should take to reach our goals. When our actions and values are aligned, we send out powerful signals to others about who we are and about our character. Values can also be a tremendous source of personal power and strength for us in times of challenge and change. more...

Inside Out Leadershift
The world is changing. Demographics, technology, globalization, financial pressures and the knowledge economy are making work far more complex. Customer and employee expectations have increased. This environment is often overwhelming for managers promoted for technical expertise where success has been defined as ‘doing’ and management is about doing even more. more...

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