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Winter 2005 Edition- January 2005 Volume 8

Taking Training Back to Basics
Recently, I not only changed jobs, but went to a new industry (health care education) that was significantly different from the one I previously worked in (gaming). Interestingly, the workforce is similar in some very important ways. Both my current and former employer have a large contingent of front line, client-centred staff. more...

Monkey in the middle
I don’t think that there is a more under-appreciated job in the workplace than the middle manager. You are too far down the food chain to have any real authority and yet you are perceived by those you supervise as part of the management team. You get to deliver the bad news and whenever there is good news, a senior vice president comes out of the twenty-fifth floor to take the credit. more...

Employee Termination: The Human Side
What are some of the more significant human considerations I need to be concerned about when conducting a termination? more...

Creating Gold Medal Moments
How can I make sure I am getting the most out of an employee recognition program? more...

Karen Consigli, RPR, CMP
Region of Niagara, Welland Ontario more...

Barb Andrews-Hryniw, RPR
City of Calgary, Alberta more...

Sheri Dolomont, RPR, CMP
Resolve Corporation, Bridgewater Nova Scotia more...

“Hottest Issues in Employment Law”
What are the latest issues pertaining to Privacy Legislation? Have you kept up to date on Human Rights and Notice Period requirements in Ontario? Are your employment contracts airtight? Richard J. Nixon informed and entertained an enthusiastic group in Toronto in June with a humourous style that jazzed up what can often be a very serious topic. more...

How to Go From Traditional to High Performance
Traditional Organizations break the laws of physics. What goes up does not always come down and nature doesn’t always abhor a vacuum. How many times have you sent information up a silo and never seen it again? A great idea surfaces somewhere else with a different name and title on it. more...

Ten Tips for the Mindful Consumer
As we go about our professional and personal lives, we often find ourselves doing things at the last moment (travel plans, shopping, etc.) Panic often sets in when purchasing things at the last moment. As you go about your day, it is important to remember to be a mindful consumer. more...

Avoid Common Training Pitfalls
Despite clear evidence of the huge returns that training provides, many organizations do far too little of it. Even within the training business, many companies are so wrapped up in operational pressures of maintaining today's cash flow that they neglect improvement efforts that build tomorrow's wealth. more...

It’s Your Move, by Marge Watters
I attended the Spring IPM Conference in Toronto and learned of Marge Watters’ book “It’s Your Move”. The topic interested me so much that I went to Chapters the next day to pick up a copy. The cover states “A personal and practical guide to career transition and job search for Canadian Managers, Professionals and Executives”. more...

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