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Workplace Experts
Workplace Today® publishes articles written by and interviews with contributors who are leading experts in workplace-related fields, such as human resources, consulting, business, management, training, and law. This list is just a sampling of professionals who have contributed their expertise to the articles in our vast library. If you would like to join our growing list of expert contributors, please click here to obtain our expert contributors' guidelines.

Sgt. Keith Allen
Commercial Fraud & Securities, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Judith Andrew
Director of Provincial Policy, Cdn. Fed. of Independent Business
Prof. Moshen Anvari Dean
Commerce & Admin. Faculty, Concordia University
Prof. Blake Ashforth
Department of Management, Concordia University
Donna Balkan
Chief of External Relations, Canadian Human Rights Commission
Michael Ballard
Vice President, Security Canadian Bankers Association
Peter Becke
Vice President H.R. (Technology), Northern Telecom Ltd.
Brian Belanger
Vice Chairman, DPM Financial Planning Group
Prof. Colin Bennett
Dept. of Political Science, University of Victoria
Prof. Philip Berger
Family & Community Medicine, University of Toronto
Prof. Michel Bergier
Department of Marketing, Concordia University
Gisele Boivin
Director of Human Resources, Rolls-Royce Canada
Melana Borovich Manager
Consulting Services, Royal Bank
Johanne Brauchaud
Director of Human Resources, Rolls-Royce Canada
Irene Burckert
Manager, Sales Training Jostens Canada Ltd.
Gary Burkett
Vice President, Human Resources, Bell Canada
Wayne Burns
President, Bernard Hodes Advertising
Leonore Burton
Executive Director, Cdn. Labour Force Development Board
Caroline Campeau
Manager, Sony of Canada Ltd.
Jim Carlisle
Partner, People Effectiveness, Ernst & Young
Amynah Charania
Recruiting Co-ord., Career & Placement McGill University
Marie Charbonneau
Human Resources Manager, IBM Canada Ltee.
Benoit Chasse
Director of Human Resources, Spar Aerospace
Kathleen Christie
National Director of Human Resources, Deloitte & Touche
Richard Clague
Director, Organizational Change, Hay Management Consultants
Paul Cote
VIA Rail Canada Inc.
Catherine Cottingham
Director, Student Employment Centre, Dalhousie University
Nicole Couture-Simard
Manager, Corporate Communications
Air Canada
Bill Cowperthwaite
Vice President Human Resources, Systems Group Ltd.
Brian Crockatt
President, IFR Investigative Research Inc.
John Cross
Vice President of Human Resources, Hewlett-Packard Canada
John Cullen
Recruiting Coordinator, University of Waterloo
Michael Cuma
Director of Human Resources, Bristol Aerospace

Louise Currier
Vice President, DBM Ottawa
Prof. Ali Dastmalchian
Dean, Faculty of Management, University of Lethbridge
Sally Davenport
Media Relations, Federal Express
Nicolette de Smit
Social Worker, Batshaw Youth & Family Centers
Michael Deck
Principal, Ethics & Integrity Services, KPMG
Gary Deehan
Human Resources Manager, Dow Chemical
Sylvia Deliencourt
Coordinator, Options Project One Voice, The Canadian Seniors Network
Susan Desjardins
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, Nortel Technology
Dale Doreen
Director of Int'l Aviation, MBA Program Concordia University
Randy Dutka
National Director, Human Resources, KPMG
Pearl Eliadis
Director, Public Policy, Ontario Human Rights Commission
Prof. Martin Evans
Faculty of Management, University of Toronto
Doug Ferguson
Public Relations, 3M Canada Inc.
David Foot
Economist, University of Toronto
Lyne Fortin Director
Public Affairs, Merck Frosst Canada Inc.
Colin Gaetz
V.P., Human Resources, Royal Bank of Canada
Dr. Monique Frize
NSERC/Nortel Joint Chair, Carleton University
Ahmed Galipeau
Director of Public Relations, Bombardier Aerospace
Gerd Galler
Spokesperson, Canadian Standards Association
Lucy Gamboni
Spokesperson, Vancouver School Board
Richard Garlick
Director of Communications, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
Mark Geiger
LL.B. Lawyer, Employment & Labour, Blaney, McMurtry, Stapells, Friedman
Greg Gibson
Spokesman, General Motors
Sharon Glover
Sr. Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Michael Goldbloom
President & Publisher, The Montreal Gazette
Ned Goodman
President & CEO, Goodman & Co.
Stephen Goodman
Partner, SAP Practice, KPMG

Mel Graham
Communications Officer, Council of Canadians with Disabilities
Dr. Mary Jane Grant
Richard Ivey School of Business
Dr. Rebecca Grant
Faculty of Business, University of Victoria
Prof. Carole Groleau
Communications, University of Ottawa
Joyce Groote
President, Industrial Biotech. Assoc. of Canada

Michael Godkewitsch, PhD
Organizational/workplace psychologist, LSM Consulting
Prof. Hugh Gunz
Assoc. Professor, Faculty of Management, University of Toronto
Neena Gupta
LL.B. Lawyer, Goodman & Carr
Dr. Robert Haccoun
Department of Psychology, University of Montreal
David Hamilton
President & CEO, Bradson Mercantile Inc.
Andrea Hampton
Senior Human Resource Consultant, Canada Life Assurance Co.
Donna Hardy Cox
Director, Student Development, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Greg Heywood
Labour & Employment Lawyers
Keith Hobbs
Media Relations, Public Service Commission of Canada
Claude Horlick
Director of Staff Relations, Memorial University of Newfoundland
John Hucker
Secretary-General, Canadian Human Rights Commission
Dr. Sandro Iannicca, Ph.D.
Senior Principal, Hay Management Consultants
Mark Jackson
Director, H.R. Planning & Development, The Hay Group
Paul Jacobs
Senior Partner, Elkind, Lipton & Jacobs
Abolhassan Javilvand
Chairman, Department of Finance, Concordia University
Prof. Corinne Jette
Engineering & Computer Science, Concordia University
Prof. Gary Johns
Department of Management, Concordia University
John Johnston
Principal, HR Technology, Ernst & Young
Gwyn Jones
Clinical Director, Warren Sheppel Consultants Corp.
Terry Kirkman
Senior Public Affairs Adviser, Royal Bank of Canada
Joachim Knauf
Economist, Human Resources Development Canada
Dr. Bryan Knight
Psychotherapist, The Vantage Institute
Pierre Lachance
Director of Media Relations, Canadian Pulp & Paper Association
Charles Lee
Director, Human Resources, MacLean Hunter Publishing Ltd.
Eugene Oscapella
Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner
Richard Savard
Manager of Human Resources, Bank of Montreal
Johanne Totta
Senior Vice President (Strategy & HR), Bank of Montreal
Moira Veenis
Manager, Placement Services, Bradson Mercantile Inc.
Norm Wentworth
National Manager, Administration, Toyota Canada Inc.
Garth Whyte
Executive Director, National Affairs, Canadian Fed. of Independent Business
Rick Winston
Media Relations Director, Sunlife Assurance Co. of Canada
Karen Zukas
Manager, Public Affairs, WCB, B.C., Prevention spanision