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Identify the cost of erroneous decisions
Prepare a
job description
Run a
referral program
Work with third
party recruiters
Screen and
shortlist resumes
Write rejection letters
recruitment statistics
Develop interview questions
Score the Interview
Conduct the interview
reference checks
Prepare letters of offer

Orient new hires
Deal with
probationary employees
Set job objectives
Conduct a
performance appraisal
Control the workload
Discipline employees
Resolve conflict

Conduct a training
needs analysis
Design a
training program
Identify the adult
learning cycle

Control absenteeism
Manage and
control budgets
Excel in customer service
Conduct an
effective meeting
Build a winning team
Write power messages
Deliver power presentations
Negotiate and win
Stop procrastination
Manage your time
Become an
internal consultant
Solve problems
and make decisions

Avoid litigation
(contract laws)
Terminate employees
Develop and implement company policies
Promote positive employee relations

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If you ask any Fortune 500 company the question, ď Does your organization have an Employee Referral Program?Ē the answer will almost always be yes. ...
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Employee Referral Programs or ERPs are one of the most popular and growing methods for recruiting new employees. If you can get a key staff person on ...


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